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Art and Culture of Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is like a mini metro city, where opportunities present themselves at shorter distances! Over the years, people from all over the country have migrated to the city of the Jamshedpur in search of job opportunities. This has given this city a vibrant culture and lifestyle. 

Auditoriums, dance and music classes, guitar and casio classes, piano and painting, sculpturing classes and so on are available at every nook and corner where learned teachers impart training to mold the future generation of artists. 

Programmes are presented in auditoriums from time to time to develop the overall personality of children. Home tuition can also be availed albeit at a higher fees.Majority of the population of the city is literate as they represent the working class.

Tribal Culture in Jamshedpur

Jharkhand is home to several tribes. These tribes make significant contribution to the culture of the state by way of dynamic tribal festivals like Karma, Sohari and Sarul.  Each festival has it uniqueness and adds lots of color to the cities around.

Art and Culture of Jamshedpur

With continuous development of the state, including that of the industrial city of Jamshedpur, the tribal culture is fading away. Tata Steel, the most important industry of Jamshedpur recognized this trend and set up the Tribal Culture Society in Jamshedpur to promote tribal heritage. The Society initiates various activities to make the youth aware of the rich tribal culture.

Diversity in Jamshedpur

The population of Jamshedpur mainly comprises people from Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and South India. The diverse population comprises people following different religions and this makes the city a follower of almost all the religions of the Indian society. 

With continuous developments in the economy, the city continuously prepares itself for modern styles of living. Diversity in population also brings in great diversity in language, cuisine and festivals in the city. Hospitality is almost a natural trait of the people of Jamshedpur. Their warm nature makes the tourists feel welcomed as soon as they enter the terrains of the steel city.

Promoting Culture in Jamshedpur

The city of Jamshedpur offers ample opportunities to people who are culturally inclined. The major set-ups that enable Jamshedpur to play an important role in promoting Indian culture are as follows:

Heritage Museum

This museum is a unique addition to the culture of Jamshedpur. Being the first business archive house of India, it is the perfect place to visit if one needs to learn about the history, commitments and accomplishments of Tata Steel.

Tribal Culture Center

Committed to preserve and promote the tribal culture, this society provides opportunities to the tribal communities to showcase their talents. It organizes cultural programs, tribal festivals and other programs.

Tagore Society

This is the most popular cultural institute in Jamshedpur. It regularly organizes music and dance programs in the city.

Dance Academies

Jamshedpur houses two popular dance academies;  Nritya  Kala Kendra and Padatik Dance Academy which play a vital role in promoting the culture of dance and music among the natives.

Art Academies

The city of Jamshedpur also provides ample opportunities to local people to gain skills in painting, sculpting and other art forms through  participation in programs organized by Jamshedpur School of Art (JSA) and Amulya Satpathy Memorial Academy.

Languages of Jamshedpur

People in Jamshedpur belongs to different religions, castes, creed and speak languages such as Hindi, English, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Parsi, Gujarati, Santhali etc. But they are all close knit and live amicably with each other. Bengali, Santhali, Oriya and Hindi are the most widely spoken languages in Jamshedpur. 

Among the tribal languages spoken in Jamshedpur, Santhali is the primary one. Quite similar to the Bengali language, this language is a dialect of Munda language. Earlier, Santhali used to be written in Roman script, but now it is written in Devanagari script.

Festivals of Jamshedpur

The people of Jamshedpur a lot of enthusiasm while celebrating festivities. The major festivals which bring people from different cultures together and add to the vitality of the city are Durhga Pooja, Teej and Chhath. Durga pooja is the time when the whole city is seen in assorted ''pandals'' and the sounds of drums and prayers reverberate the atmosphere. 

Swings for kids and eatables all around add to the zing during festivals. Chhath is a major festival when women pray for the well being and long life of their husbands and sons. ''Thekua'' and sugarcane is given as ''prasad''.The festival of Teej is observed by the married women of Jamshedpur with an intention to pray for a healthy and prosperous life of their husbands.

They keep fast on the day and dress up in colorful and traditional attires. They prepare delicious food on this day and offer them to Supreme Being. The day is considered auspicious because according to mythology, Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga got married on that day.

Culture of Jamshedpur

The festival of Chhath is celebrated to pay homage to the Sun God. On this day, people visit the nearby river and pay homage to the Sun God. This festival is celebrated with equal energy and enthusiasm by men, women and children. Feasts are organized and people make merry. 

They also wear new dresses for the festival. Another festival which is unique to the steel city is the celebration of the birth anniversary of Sri Jamshedji Tata, the businessman who discovered the city. The city is decorated with lights and people pay respect to this great businessman.

While these festivals hold a special place in the hearts of the people of the Jamshedpur, they show equal enthusiasm in celebrating other Indian festivals such as Diwali and Holi. The people of the city exchange sweets, gifts and greetings on both the occasions. 

Be it the festival of colors, Holi, or the festival of lights, Diwali, or any other occasion, each festival is celebrated with immense happiness and passion in the city of Jamshedpur. This gives the city its dynamism and it is rightly called ‘mini-India’.

Art and Craft in Jamshedpur

During weekends people can be seen at one of these much loved places such as Jubilee Park, Amusement park, Big Bazaar and Eylex and Tata Steel Zoological Park. Fairs are times when one gets to see indigenous artistic, needle crafted or bamboo commodities, paitkar paintings, madhubani paintings, wood crafts, metal works etc. at very affordable prices. The fairs start with tribal dances and music which include group performances using traditional instruments.

Art and Craft in Jamshedpur

The comfortable life of people, the sprawling gardens and parks, giant stadiums, good schools, 24X7 supply of water and electricity and clean roads are a gift by Tata's to the denizens here. To pay tribute to the founder of Jamshedpur city, people throng throughout the night of 3rd March (Founders day) and get a glimpse of history and achievements of Tata Steel depicted through colored lights. Joining hands with the government, Tata Steel has carried out its Corporate Social Responsibility with utmost love and dedication.

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