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Cuisine of Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a cosmopolitan city and does not have any special cuisine as such. People eat and relish dosa, dahi vada, noodles and pau bhaji as much as litti chokha! They lead a simple life and go to the market every evening to buy fresh vegetables and fruits available in abundance and at nominal cost.

Bihari litti, khichri, pittha, dhuska, charpa, ''sag'' (green leafy vegetables of palak, sarson, gendheri, bathua,chana etc.) are eaten regularly and form the part of cuisine of Jamshedpur. ''Kachhi haldi'' is available in the market all round the year and consumed in ''masaala'' to increase immunity. ''Bel'', ''daab'' water, ''amla'', ''kaccha aam'' are frequently used to keep in good health. They are either utilized to prepare pickles, ''chutney'' and vegetables or even eaten raw. Flowers of drum-stick, august and jhirool are served as a specialty. mitha khaja, gatte ki sabji, kala chana, ghhoogni,thekua, til barfi, aloo chokha,chana daal khichri, pua, nenua with chana are some other food preparations of Jamshedpur.

Rice used may be arva gol daana or boiled rice. Basmati rice is used for preparing ''pulao/tahiri''. Everyday meal consists of phulka(roti or chapati) daal, bhaat(rice), tarkari(cooked vegetable) along with achaar(pickle). Sometimes saag (fresh or even dried)is boiled in starch obtained from cooked rice and consumed as ''maad jhor''. Daal is given ''chonkha'' to make it tasteful and colourful. Manyatimes, ''panchphoran'' is used,which is a mixture of ajwain, sarson, methi, saunf and mangraila.People here like to eat paneer and mushrooms too.

For the non-vegetarians, chicken, tandoori, fried fish or ''macher jhol'', spicy chicken cooked in mustard oil is a craze. On special festivals or occasions such as marriage, males and females, both, consume ''handia''(rice beer) or ''mahu'' which is prepared from fruits and flowers of mahua tree.

Fruits like mangoes, litchi, oranges, pomegranate, bananas, grapes, papaya, etc. are available in abundance. Fresh vegetables can be obtained from the market. Every day, office goers return with a small bag containing fresh fruits and vegetables bought from vendors while returning home from office.

Sumptuous Jamshedpur Dishes:

Here are the recipes of some of the popular dishes of Jamshedpur:

Green Chilly Pickle:

The pickle is prepared by the method of : wash and wipe 200gm.(15 to 20) green chillies( slightly thick ones). Slit the chillies and dry them for some time. Mix 8 tsp rai powder, 8 tsp amchoor, 1 tsp haldi, 3 tsp salt 6 tsp mustard oil and grind them. Fill this prepared masaala in the chillies. Heat some oil in a pan and saute the filled-in green chillies till they become soft but do not let them get discoloured. Fill in clean bottles.

Til Barfi:

Grated coconut, seasame seed, sugar and ground nuts are used to prepare this dish.


This dish is also known as ''khajoor'' and is prepared by mixing sugar, wheat flour, chopped coconuts and dry fruits. People carry thekuas while going on a journey as they can be stored for quite some days without getting spoilt. It is also prepared during ''chhath puja''.


Rice is mixed with  yellow lentils and cooked. Later, it is served with yoghurt, coriander chutney, ghee, papad and achar(pickle).

Bihari Litti:

Green chillies, wheat  flour and sattu are ground together and dough balls of medium size are made. They are then fried on medium heat and later baked. Litti is served with alu bharta or baigan bharta.

Mitha Khaja:

It is prepared during festivals. Flour is kneaded with jaggery water. Sweet 'khajas' are prepared by frying in oil. These are crispy and stay fresh for many days in air-tight containers.


It is prepared using mashed rice and different pulses.


Rice is mashed ,fried and mixed with various spices.

Pua and Singal:

This sweet dish is prepared using ripe bananas.

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