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Municipal Corporation Jamshedpur

The city of Jamshedpur is looked after by subsidiary company of Tata Steel, namely, JUSCO (Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company Limited). The infrastructure has been provided by Tata Steel as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative.

The proposal for a Municipal Corporation has been put forward a number of times in Jamshedpur, but in vain. The idea is strongly opposed by people and corporate alike. The reasons are many, one of the most important one being that the city at present is looked after very well by JUSCO.

The denizens of Jamshedpur have instead supported the idea that Jamshedpur be called an ''Industrial Township''. Tata Steel Company has provided residential facility, electricity, clean drinking water, free health care services, clean roads and parks etc. to the people at nominal cost. The Steel giant has made life comfortable for the people here for many years now. Some of these gifts to the people of Jamshedpur include renovation of Tatanagar Station and construction of the approach road to the station and construction of Mango Bridge etc.

A Municipal Corporation is a democratic right given to people but,  in its presence, it would be difficult for the steel conglomerate to carry out its services in the city. The option of ''Industrial township'' is thus a viable constitutional provision too.

JUSCO Jamshedpur:

In Jamshedpur, JUSCO takes care of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives of Tata Steel. It works like a Municipal Corporation. 24X7 electricity, clean drinking water and infrastructure development and maintenance is carried by JUSCO. This service is available to rural areas and the benefits reach the people residing in remote villages. In addition, it has provided parks, stadiums, clean and wide roads and given ''Right to life'' to people here in its true sense.

Jusco has its registered office in Jamshedpur. Other offices of JUSCO are in Bangalore, Kolkata and New Delhi. Recently, JUSCO was conferred with ‘National Urban Water Awards’ (2010).  It had won this award in 2009 also  under "Citizen Services & Governance" for its initiative towards Customer Satisfaction - JUSCO Sahyog Kendra.


Jamshedpur Utilities and Services Company (JUSCO)
Northern Town, Bistupur
Jamshedpur-831 001 India

Phone: +91 (657) 6652 101 /