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Parks and Lakes in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur is a beautiful city with a number of stadiums and parks. People come out from the confines of their houses and visit these parks in the evenings. Most of the people come with their families and friends with packed food containers and enjoy a picnic together. 

The parks are well kept and neat. The fragrance of flowers is like balm to the soul and the greenery all around is appealing. Every park has attractive fountains which add to the beauty of the place. A visit to these parks will indeed be a gratifying experience for one and all.

Parks in Jamshedpur

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park can be easily called ''queen of all parks'' in Jamshedpur. The park is a beautiful gift from Tata Steel Company to the people of Jamshedpur. Jubilee park covers an area of 237.75 acres and is similar to Vrindavan garden of Mysore. 

On 3rd March, the birth anniversary of Shri Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata, the Jubilee park is decorated with colorful lights. Jayanti Sarovar, Smriti Udyan, fountains and tall Asoka trees, all appear so heart warming. The Nicco Park adjacent to Jubilee Park gives a thrilling experience of joyful yet adventurous rides.

Parks in Jamshedpur

The cool breeze blowing in the park in the evenings brings peace to the soul. It bestows energy to kids who get a lovely ground to play badminton or football. The little fountains show their colors and lights on Tuesdays and Sundays. 

The big fountain at the center of the park looks heavenly. With such exquisite natural beauty everywhere, it is indeed a pleasure to see appreciative and smiling faces of the visitors. Eatables are not available in the park.So, one has to carry water bottles and eatables. 

This park was made available to the denizens of Jamshedpur in 1958, when Tata Steel Company completed 50 years of establishment. The ''rose garden'' inside the Jubilee park boasts of a wide variety of roses. This is also a favorite park for joggers, cyclists and morning walkers.This park has been designed by Mr. B.S.Nirody and Mr.G.H.Krumbiegel.

Nicco Park in Jamshedpur

Amusement park in Jamshedpur

This is an amusement park with a variety of adventurous rides for everyone. The children enjoy coming here as much as adults. For kids, there is ''caterpillar ride'' and ''musical horse ride''. For adults and children, the roller coaster, ''cups and saucer'', ''moon ride'', dashing cars and pirate ship are some really fun-filled rides with a tinge of adventure too! Boating facility is available too.

Sir Dorabji Tata Park

A Popular Park of Jamshedpur this is a small park with abundant beauty, situated just opposite to Keenan Stadium. The Jamshedpur Annual Flower Show is held every year adjacent to this park. The lovely terrain, green lawns and wonderful fountains make it a park worth a visit not once but many times. The statue of founder of Jamshedpur, Shri Jamshedji Tata is adorned at one side of the park, nicely decorated with pots and flowers.

Tata Steel Zoological Park

This is a zoo where several animals are kept including deer, lion, tiger, hippopotamus, rabbits, ducks, monkeys, colorful and various varieties of birds, porcupine, tortoise, turkey etc. ''Safari'' is for those who want to enjoy having a look at the animals and not tire themselves walking the entire stretch of the zoo. There are swings and slips for the children.You can buy chips, cold drinks, popcorn and chocolates from small shops inside the zoo campus.

Wildlife in Jamshedpur

There is a veterinary hospital too inside the campus where ill or injured animals are treated. There is a food joint where eatables and ice creams are available. Coming to the zoo is more of an educational trip for children who see real animals rather than picture presentations in their textbooks!

Bhatia Park

This park is mostly visited by people living in the vicinity, for the purpose of morning walk, yoga or simply walking with friends or family. The park is located in Kadma area near Shastri Nagar. It is situated along the coast of Subarnarekha river. 

Beautiful fountains, flowers, green lawns mark the beauty of this park. Shady trees provide good shelter for the visitors along with the benches all along the park. The park can provide good relaxation to visitors and the children can enjoy playing board games outside the confines of their homes or even play badminton or other ball games.

River's Meet

Also called ''Domuhani'', this is a confluence of Kharkai and Subarnarekha rivers. It is a Popular Lake of Jamshedpur is a nice picnic spot to the North-West of Jamshedpur. One can see the two rivers converge at this point; So it is called ''River's meet''. Eucalyptus trees impart green cover and delicate scent to the place. 

The sunrise is another spectacular moment to watch sitting in the peaceful surroundings of the twin rivers. People venture out with family and friends and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the scenic spot. The place offers water supply to the inhabitants of Jamshedpur as well as to the steel plant. 

Subernarekha flowing from North West and Kharkai (tributary of Subarnarekha river) flowing from the South, meet at this specific point in Jamshedpur.This picnic spot is easily accessible from Jamshedpur by auto rickshaw, buses or car.

Lakes in Jamshedpur

Jayanti Sarovar

Lakes in Jamshedpur

This is a beautiful lake near Jubilee Park. The sight of teals (Anas crecca), colorful birds,soft-shell turtles, bats and fishes inside the lake make it an apt location to sit quietly and watch the beauty of nature.

Teals are a member of the duck family and are found in abundance here due to availability of fishes and insects. Many people can be seen sitting for long hours fishing.This lake is also known as Jubilee Lake.

Dimna Lake

This is an artificial lake at the foot hills of Dalma Ranges. It was constructed by Tata Steel.The best time to visit here is during December to February, when it is not very hot. One has to climb nearly 100 stairs to get a glimpse of the dam and lake.A lake house is situated nearby.

Visiting timings are from 6 o'clock morning to 5 o'clock evening. Dimna Lake is a source of drinking water for the people of Steel city.

Hudco Lake

Famous lakes in Jamshedpur

This lake is in Telco Colony and is an attraction for tourists. The hills and greenery all over provides a natural charm to the place. Sumant Mulgaonkar Park beside Hudco lake too is frequently thronged by local tourists. A panoramic view of Jamshedpur city is seen from the top of the hills. Lafarge Cement and Tata Powers can be seen from the top of the hill. Boating facilities are available.

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