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Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur

Tata Main Hospital is an amalgamation of old and new: it is a century old hospital maintaining its age old tradition of serving the needs of patients with love, care and affection and at the same time upgrading medical facilities along with infrastructural development. The hospital caters to almost every branch of medical science from pediatric surgery (surgery on new-born babies) to pace-maker implants. For the employees, the medical services are free of cost and the non-employees have to pay for services rendered in this 900-bed hospital. There are nine dispensaries, two super-dispensaries and HIV/AIDS support centers (Sneh Kendra) run under the aegis of this hospital which too provide health care services to the people of Jamshedpur.
Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur

Tata Main Hospital (TMH) is a center for Post Graduate medical education (DNB programme)too.Click here for filling up DNB Application Form.
For surgical specialties, there are fourteen operation theatres (OTs). The hospital has an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Critical Care Unit (CCU), Burns Care Unit (BCU), Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) along with advanced diagnostic services like CT and MRI scans (available in MTMH) and other diagnostic services which include Pathology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

TMH , no doubt, is one of the premier hospitals not only in Jamshedpur but also in Jharkhand. It offers medical services to patients coming from Musabani, Chakradharpur, Chaibasa etc. and provides super specialty services in Pediatric surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, Nephrology and Urology.

There is a 66-bed hospital of Tata Steel in Noamundi with ICU facility and another 47-bed hospital in Joda. TSFIF Resource Centre pursues its goal of improving reproductive health through various development programmes.
                                                                                                                              An outer look of Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur
TMH is a 102 year old hospital and is offering quality health care services to thousands of people every day reaching out to them through OPD, dispensaries and surgical departments, including the  24-hour emergency services. The medicines are given to patients through pharmacy counters in the OPD and various dispensaries.

There is an OPD OT in the OPD complex for patients. The dispensaries also render OPD services for the patients. OPD services render treatment in different disciplines of medicine such as eye, ENT, pediatric surgery and general surgery, chest, cardiology, dentistry, physiotherapy, orthopedics, medicine, joint replacement etc.

Today, TMH can boast of 13 wards and 73 cabins (with A/C facility) for 115 beds. Gynecological surgeries are performed in GOT (Gynecology operation theater). Additionally the hospital provide a very high class and well developed accommodation with all modern amenities for Covid 19 affected patients. It has helpline for affected patients. Today they are providing all the available services to the patients. Equipped with all amenities these ambulances in Jamshedpur are doing all to serve the residents of the city.

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Tata Main Hospital
Address: C Road West, Northern Town
Bistupur, Jamshedpur
831001 Jharkhand (IND)
Important Numbers:
OPD Helpdesk No : 0657 6641012 ( 9am - 6pm)
OPD Appointment on call: 0657 6644444 ( 7.30am- 9pm)
TMH Insurance/TPA Desk : 0657 6643710 ( 9am-6pm)
May I Help You Desk ( PRIME) :  9297953164 (6pm- 9.30pm)

OPD Registration:

OPD Registration: (0657- 66) 44444
In charge OPD: (0657- 66) 41157

Operation Theatre Block:

Main Operation theatre: (0657- 66) 41166/41277
Gynaec Operation theatre: (0657- 66) 41151
Surgeon Room: (0657- 66) 41230
OPD OT    (0657- 66) 41140

Critical Areas:

ICU: (0657- 66) 41103/41270/2224500
PICU: (0657- 66) 41202
BCU: (0657- 66) 41266/41165
CCU: (0657- 66) 41250/41136/2423530

Wards of Old Block:

Male Medical Unit II: (0657- 66) 41205
Female Medical Unit II: (0657- 66) 41207
Male Medical Unit I: (0657- 66) 41123
Female Medical Unit I: (0657- 66) 41185
Labour room-critical area: (0657- 66) 41144

Post-op (O&G): (0657- 66) 41265
Nursery: (0657- 66) 41141
Children ward: (0657- 66) 41128
Front cabin: (0657- 66) 41117
New Cabin : (0657- 66) 41137

JGMH Block:

1st floor doctor's room    (0657- 66) 41238
Post-op (Neuro+Ortho) 4B    (0657- 66) 41051
Post-op (Surg) 2B    (0657- 66) 41132
1A ward    (0657- 66) 41191

2nd floor doctor's room    (0657- 66) 41228
2A ward    (0657- 66) 41192
2B ward    (0657- 66) 41292

3rd Floor doctor's room    (0657- 66) 41237
3A ward    (0657- 66) 41193
3B ward    (0657- 66) 41293

4th floor doctor's room    (0657- 66) 41134
4A ward    (0657- 66) 41194
4B ward    (0657- 66) 41294

5th floor doctor's room    (0657- 66) 41130
JGMH cabins    (0657- 66) 41195

OT Block:

Main Operation theatre    (0657- 66) 41166/41277
Gynaec Operation theatre    (0657- 66) 41151
Sterilizer room    (0657- 66) 41114
OPD OT    (0657- 66) 41140
Surgeon Room    (0657- 66) 41230

Radiology Department:

CT scan: (0657- 66) 41251
X-ray (Main/JGMH): (0657- 66) 41231/41295
X-ray (Emergency): (0657- 66) 43120


 Area   Phone Number Closed on
(0657- 66)43611   
 Burmamines (0657- 66) 43941 Sat  
(0657- 66) 45218 Sat  
 Kadma (0657- 66) 43818 Mon  
(0657- 66) 43970
(0657- 66) 43716 Fri   
(0657- 66) 43592
South Park 
(0657- 66) 43375
Tube works     
(0657- 66) 49555
(0657- 66) 42796 Sun   



Main Gate: (0657- 66) 41253
TMH Control Room: (0657- 66) 41254

Medical store:

Emergency Pharmacy: (0657- 66) 41178
Main Pharmacy: (0657- 66) 41111

Ambulance Services:

For Tata Steel employees, the ambulance service is free of any charge and for non-entitled patients, the service can be availed by paying nominal charges. The ambulance brings the patients from their residence and drops them back after they are discharged from the hospital. Ambulance services are  available for discharged patients within the jurisdiction of JNAC (Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee).


12.30 P.M. to 1.30 P.M.
2.00 P.M. to 3.00 P.M.
6.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. 

Hearse services :

For transportation of dead body, the timings are : 6.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M.

No fees is taken from Tata Steel employees and dependents. However, non-employees have to pay requisite charges for the services. The services are provided only within the jurisdiction of JNAC.

Patient Information:

Any information about patients admitted to TMH can be surveyed on the intranet by entering the patients name or IP Number. Such information can also be availed from Admission counter and Main Gate Counter.

Phone Numbers to get patient information:


Visiting Hours:

Visitors are allowed only from 5.00 P.M. to 7.00 P.M. The Admission Counter issues two visitor passes when the patient is admitted to the hospital.

Health Checkup:

Preventive health checkup packages have been introduced and it takes a day to know that you are actually fine! The package includes various tests, clinical examinations by ENT, eye, surgery and Obstetrics & Gynecology  departments.

You have to contact Room No. 202 in OPD Complex at 8.30 hrs. The physicians will examine you and then hand over a diagnostic report.

 Contact Numbers:

•    0657-6641262 (08:30AM to 1:30PM-Monday to Saturday)
•    0657-2424028 (08:30AM to 1:30PM-Monday to Saturday)
•    09204652684  (08:30AM to 6.00PM-All week days).

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